Location : Pueai Noi District

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Prasat Pueai Noi Prasat Pueai Noi is the largest and still most complete Khmer historical sites in Khon Kaen and in the upper of the Northern regional of Thailand. Prasat Pueai Noi or called “Pra That Koo Thong” by the local people paying respect to it. It is presumed to be established dating back to the 16th - the 17 th centuries as a religious site for religious ceremonies. Its architecture consists of 4 of old buildings made of laterite, sandstones and bricks, surrounded with the rectangular glass wall. Inside at the eastern south the wall stands the Bannalai or the Buddha Image hall which is presumed to be the place for the scripture storage. The Tympanum of the presiding pagoda is engraved as the shape of Naka which is fascinating pattern. The lintel is engraved of the Narayana laying on the Naka which is still in the complete condition as the body of the pagoda. It is assumed to be 800 years old.

How to get there : From downtown Khon Kaen, you can go via Highway 2 (Khon Kaen-Ban Phai) for 44 kilometers and connect to Highway 23 (Ban Phai-Borabue) for another 11 kilometers, then turn right to Pueai Noi District for another 24 kilometers.



Location : Mueang District

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Hong Mun Mang Khon Kaen City Museum Hong Mun Mang Khon Kaen City Museum was built in 1997 and completed in 2003 to collects treasures and anecdotes of the city to raise an awareness of the local people to love and preserve their cultural heritage and to be a resource center on the history of the city. The word “Hong” in the local dialect means “a hall” and “Munmang” is “treasure or heritage”. The museum collects local wisdom that tells anecdotes of the city, interactions of the multiethnic peoples residing in the city for over a century, their way of life and their traditions and cultures. The exhibitions are presented through models and modern interactive media. 

Zone 1: Introduction to Khon Kaen province
Zone 2: History and Culture of Khon Kaen
Zone 3: The founding of the city
Zone 4: Towns and lifestyles of Khon Kaen people
Zone 5: Khon Kaen Today.

Opening Hours

: Mon - Sat 09:00 am. - 05:00 pm.


: 90 Baht (Price are subject to change)

Khon Kaen National Museum

Location : Mueang District

KK museum

Khon Kaen National Museum Khon Kaen National Museum contains a large collection of artifact, particularly from the Northeast, including those discovered at major archaeological sites such as Ban Chiang, where the world's first Bronze Age civilization was believed to have flourished more than 5,000 years ago. The museum displays a range of items including ancient bas relief, marble slabs (or Sema), stuccos, and items such as ancient tools. The museum also hosts exhibitions of dinosaur fossils and human skeletons alongside displays of pottery, ancient musical instruments and a number of other items including Buddha images. A fascinating museum if you are interested in the region's history.

Opening Hours

: Wed - Sun 09:00 am. - 04:00 pm.


: 30 Baht (Price are subject to change)


: Tel. 0 4324 6170

Phu Wiang Dinosaur Museum

Location : Wiang Kao District

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Phu Wiang Dinosaur Museum Phu Wiang Dinosaur Museum is a part of the fossil research center of Phu Wiang Dinosour. It was founded by the corporation between Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Khon khan Province and the Department of Mineral Resources to research and publicly dissipate mineral resource knowledge and reserve for benefiting the public and promoting sustaining tourism. The museum is included of 5 exhibition zones are:

The first zone: Features the universe origin, rock cycles, and creature origin and Paleozoic fossils
The second zone: Dinosaur Fossils at Phu Wiang National Park
The third zone: Laboratory and collections room
The fourth zone: Dinosaur Park
The fifth zone: Tertiary Rocks and Mineral benefits

How to get there: From Chumpae District to Khon Kaen province turn left to join highway No.2038 until passing Phu Wiang District and select the road to Phu Wiang National Park and the museum is just 3 kilometers before the Phu Wiang National Park.

Opening Hours

: Tue - Sun 09:00 am. - 05:00 pm.


: Adult 60 Baht, Child 30 Baht (Price are subject to change)


: Tel. 0 4343 8204, 0 4343 8206


Ton Tann Green Market

Location : Mueang District

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Ton Tann Green Market Ton Tann Green Market is an attractive open space where, like the Walking Street Market, where you can chill out, hang out and go shopping after work. There are many of the vendors sell modern handmade crafts, artworks and to serve as a meeting point for amateurs or those who share the same interest, be it a fairy tale club, a drama club, a photographer group, street performers, a dance club, a classical car club or a motorbike club. The market is where they can meet, share their interest and exchange their experience and things.

How to get there: The market is easily accessible via Mittraphap Road and Ban Kok Soi 8, 10 and 12.

Opening Hours

: Daily from 04.00 pm. - 11:00 pm.


: Tel. 0 4300 0179


Bung Kaen Nakorn

Location : Mueang District

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Bung Kaen Nakorn Bung Kaen Nakorn is large lake and popular place for recreation of many townspeople due to its relaxing surroundings cover an area 603 Rais. This place is also the place of enshrined monument of “Chao Pia Mueang Pan” who was the founder of Khon Khan. Around the lake was renovated as a health park furnished with various beautiful sculptures. Moreover, the town municipalities also grow the golden shower and dwarf to give a shade for tourists. Furthermore, playground and many kinds of food stores are provided here which is suitable for family’s holiday.

Ubol Ratana Dam

Location : Ubolratana District

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Ubol Ratana Dam Ubol Ratana Dam or Phong Nip Dam is the largest multi-purpose dam in the Northeast and which was built next to the Bhumibol dam. It was the first hydroelectric power project developed in the Thailand's northeastern area. The dam is across the Phong River at the pass connecting Phu Kao and Phu Phan mountains. The view at the dam is magnificent.

How to get there: Ubol Ratana Dam is located about 50 kilometers from Khon Kaen City. Take Highway No. 2 (Khon Kaen-Udon Thani) for 26 kilometers, turn left and drive for 25 kilometers.

Khon Kaen Zoo

Location : Khao Suan Kwang District

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Khon Kaen Zoo Khon Kaen Zoo is established for aims to become an ecotourism, wildlife conservation research center of rare breeds which the zoo provides a natural classroom to build awareness a part of its youth for protection wildlife and plants. The animal exhibits divided into different parts, such as deer, barking deer, sambar deer, numerous White Lion, white tiger, tiger, camel and white rhinoceros. The charm and amazing nature on the mountain is “Phu Kao Suan Kwang” it is the highlight in this place. The Sky bridgeacross the Africa Zone is called "Sky Walk." The tourist can watch the animals in bird eye views. Beautiful views of the mountains and cliffs of the sort one pasture behind him, feeling close to nature & touching fog closely. Moreover inside this zoo have the water park which the tourist can enjoy with slider tower that has 15 meter high.

Opening Hours

: Daily from 08:00 am. - 06:00 pm.


: 150 Baht for adult and 70 Baht for child (Price are subject to change)


: Tel. 08 6455 6341, 08 6459 4192


King Cobra Village


King Cobra Village King Cobra Village is popular attraction of Thais and foreigners which located at Ban Khok Sa-nga, Sai Mun Sub-district of Nam Phong District. The villagers formally earned extra income by selling herbal medicines by travelling around through villages. By 1951, a local doctor, Ken Yongla initiated a cobra show, which was successful to attract clients to the village. Anyway, a cobra show was too dangerous as the snake can spit its poison for two meters making a man blind. So he changed to conduct the show with a king cobra and inherited such skill to the villagers.

Today, after the harvest season, with better transportation, villagers of Khok Sa-nga always travel around to organize a snake show and offer their herbal medicine. In the village, a snake show is held at Wat Si Thamma, performing different series of show such as snake dancing and boxing between king cobra and man. Exhibitions regarding the king cobra as well as nursery are located nearby.

How to get there: King Cobra Village is located approximately 50 kilometers away from Khon Kaen town, on Mittraphap Raod (Highway No.2). At the 33rd kilometer of the route, in the area of Nam Phong District, proceed onto Highway No. 2039 leading to Kranuan District, for 16 kilometers. There will be a sign for the village and turn right onto the route for 2 kilometers. You will arrive at Wat Si Thamma. Alternatively, by public bus, take bus Dao Singha - Kranuan, and drop off at Nam Phong intersection. Then, take a tuk tuk to the King Cobra Village.

Opening Hours

: Daily from 08:00 am. - 05:00 pm.


: Tel. 0 4392 4070

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